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IQ Chef personalize every food experience

AI for food, health and sustainability

IQ Chef is a food tech company that develops personal and smart digital solutions for meals, health and sustainability.

Our recommendation engine which is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning gives our clients in food and health completely new possibilities to tailor and individualize their offers.


Recommendation engine for recipes and tastes

With our SaaS-platform your customers get customized and tailored food suggestions based on their preference and taste.

With our services you increase customer loyalty and sales. Your company will also get new insights on the customer’s present and future buying patterns. 

“It was with ease that we elected IQ Chef into IBM’s global and local program for entrepreneurs. We support IQ Chef in their continued development and expansion, and look forward to the journey ahead together with them.”



Getting started

We analyse buying behavior that –  for example – help you suggest meals for the individual and predict the consumer’s next buy.

Do you have a new or already existing digital service for food and health? No matter what – our platform can create a personal experience in the form of individually customized food and purchase suggestions. By connecting to our platform through an API you can quickly get the service in place. We offer you a testing period where you get to see the possibilities and afterwards we will have a business model based on increased sales and customer loyalty. Write your details here and we will contact you.

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