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With our platform you can quickly start giving individualized recommendations based on the individual’s behavior, taste and buying patterns – without needing large amounts of data. We help you pick out a personal food suggestion for that unique individual. We also take the customers preferences into consideration, if they for example want or need a certain type of diet, want to gain or lose weight, eat vegetarian or if they need to avoid lactose.

In the next step we analyze the behavior of all existing customers and can through that collective knowledge give accurate suggestions to new customers. This step also gives us greater opportunities to predict buying patterns, reduce food waste and present the right goods and products.

Advantages with IQ Chef:

Analyze and predict the next top selling product
By predicting the customers’ needs you decrease the risk of having products in your offer that aren’t attractive on the market according to latest trends.

Reduce purchasing costs and food waste

By knowing what the customers wants and buying the right type of products you reduce the food waste and the amount of goods that need to be thrown away or sold at a lower price.

Increase customer loyalty
By simplifying the customers’ everyday life with individualized recommendations you get loyal and recurring customers.

Increase sales
You will be able to present what type of products the customer will buy, by matching ingredients and helping the customer discover new goods in the assortment, through – for example – tailored weekly menus or offers.  

Get valuable customer insights
Get valuable insights on trends within different customer groups and segments, both locally and within larger geographical areas. 

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